Running firewire - DV - 1394 on 0.64

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Running firewire - DV - 1394 on 0.64

eduard llorens
Hi all,

I see this very quite.

Well, I was trying to enable the DV (firewire, 1394) input for WebcamStudio 0.64, and I didn't find the option I saw in 0.54.

So after looking different ways, at last I tryed this on my Ubuntu 12.04
(after installing v4l2loopback and running modprob)

$ gst-launch-0.10 dv1394src \! dvdemux \! dvdec \! v4l2sink
Setting pipeline to pause ...
Pipeline is live and does not need PREPARATION ...
Setting pipeline to reproduce ...
New clock: dv1394clock

and it works: put the 1394 source into /dev/videoX
and then, when you run WCS there is this new "webcam" input, that in fact is the 1394 input device.

I hope it helps!